Amit Itzcar - Filmmaker

Benny (2014) בני

A short film. A Web-celeb is being interviewed by a young blogger when the interview takes an unexpected turn.

Starring: Amit Itzcar, Tess Hashiloni Rudman

15 Min. Hebrew with English subtitles

Festivals & screenings:

Jerusalem Film Festival 2014

The Minimal (2013)

A sequel to the 2009 short film “Wolfson Park”

Starring: Amit Itzcar, Yoav Tal

9 Min. Hebrew with English subtitles

Serotonin Blues (2012) סרוטונין בלוז

A depressed young man is asking his friend for an unusual favor. Is she going to accept?

Starring: Nitai Gvirtz, Reut Akkerman

12 Min. Hebrew with English subtitles

Festivals & screenings:

9th International Short Film Festival Detmold 2013, Germany

Wolfson Park (2009) פארק וולפסון

A short film which is part of the “Tel-Aviv Location” project - An anthology of short films celebrating the Centennial year of Tel-Aviv-Yafo.

Starring: Amit Itzcar, Yoav Tal

7 Min. Hebrew with English subtitles

Festivals & screenings:

Tel-Aviv Cinematheque

Festival du cinéma israélien de Paris 2012

Lo Dubim - Don Silicon (2009) לא דובים - דון סיליקון

A music video.

co-directed with Yoav Tal

The Safety in Rubber (2007)

Graduation film from “Minshar for Art” film school.
A forlorn and sparsely furnished room bathed in yellowish light. An agonizingly long silence is interrupted by a loud noise. On the bed sits a half naked man who appears to be inflating something. The object is concealed and yet one already surmises what is going on; what will accompany his solitude and his search for intimacy from now on.

Starring: Amit Itzcar

14 Min. Not suitable for viewers under the age of 18!

Festivals & screenings:

“Mix Brasil” at Sau-Paulo Film Festival

Tel-Aviv Cinemateque (Winner: Best film from “Minshar for Art” 2007)

Munich International Festival of Film Schools 2007

CineMAiubit Festival in Romania

sehsüchte: Europe’s Biggest International Student Film Festival

La Boca Del Lobo Festival in Spain (Special honorable mention!)

El Cine Pobre enriquece a los cienfuegueros in Cuba

Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria in Spain

La Boca Erótica 2010 in Spain

TLVfest - The Tel Aviv LGBT FIlm Festival

PornFilmFestival Berlin 2013

Floating (2006)

A one-shot.

Starring: Itamar Luria

Music by Lebanon.

1 Min.

Festivals & screenings:

VideoZone3 Biennale in Tel-Aviv 2006

The Girls - Rush (2006)

A music video.

Caveman - Homesick (2006)

A music video.

The Disposables: I’ll Hate Myself in the Morning (2006) המיותרים: בבוקר אני אשנא את עצמי

A documentary about Israeli noise band, HaMeyutarim (The Disposables).
The film follows the band since age 14 through the live shows, The Patiphone club, The “Fast Music” label and the recordings of the albums.

The Disposables were:
Adam “Dennis” Coman - Vocals & Guitars
Doron “Bantam” Tamir - Vocals & Bass
Yoni Kiper/Adam “Zorba” Blumental - Drums

36 Min. Hebrew with English subtitles

Drop (2006)

A short film. 7 Min.

Monotonix - Live at The Patiphone (2006)

The great Israeli band in one of their very first shows.

Permanents - Beskinney (2005)

A music video.

Punkache - Kibalti Ta’Pedal (2004) פאנקייק - קיבלתי ת’פדל

A music video.

The Girls - Blonde (2004)

A music video.